April, 19-22, 2018 - personal exhibition - Quilt Fest, Moscow, Russia

March, 20-25, 2018 - I International Festival of Art Quilt in the name of Boris Georgievich Migal.

August 10-13, 2017 - personal exhibition - Festival of Quilt, Birmingham, Great Britain

August, 10-13 - 4th exhibition of AQF "Perception" at Festival of Quilts, Birmingham, Great Britain

June, 1 - September, 3 - participation in the GRANDE FINALE exhibition of the European art quilt, Bevelanden historical Museum, Gus, Netherlands.

- "Spring 2017" exhibition; SH, Russia, Saint-Petersburg.


July, 2016 - Personal exhibition at the quilt festival "Lukomorye"; Information technologies Center, Leningrad Oblast, Gatchina.

June, 2016 - Personal exhibition at "Quilt Festival" in North Groningen; Netherlands.


September, 2015 - Exhibition of AQF "Ambitions", Saint-Marie-au-Mines, France.

August, 2015 -Personal exhibition in Cultural Center Ilgusiems; Riga, Latvia.


November,27-December,24 - "Christmas exhibition 2014" at the Gallery of the contemporary art "Art-Holding of Tatyana Nikitina", Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

-Exhibition "Imagination" by Voronina Irina, Krasnikova Galina, Savelyeva Nelly at the Festival of the Contemporary Art at the International Forum "Never-ending Education"; Exhibition Hall of Union of Artists, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

-Personal Exhibition at the IV International Festival of Quilts "Kurochka Ryaba", Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

-Grand-Prix of the Festival "Russian Patchwork-2014", Suzdal, Russia.

April, 2014 - AQF "Fusion" exhibition at the second International Festival Quilt Fest. Moscow, Russia.


October, 5-27
- Irina Voronina personal exhibition "Art-quilt. Metamorphoses" at the Gallery "Neskuchny sad", Moskovskaya obl., Moscow, Mytishi Olympiysky pr., d.29.


- Exhibition "Imagination", "19 Carrefour Europeen du Patchwork", Saint-Marie-aux-Mines, France.

- "Rigas Tekstilmozaika" 2013, Riga, Latvia.
- Exhibition and workshop "Herbarium" at the Open International Quilt Fest. Moscow, Central Hall of Artists.

- First exhibition of Art Quilt Fusion - "Fusion" at the Patchwork and Quilt Days in Rijswijk, The Netherlands, Quilt Expo en Beaujolais, in Villefranche sur Safne, France, Textile Art Berlin 2013, Germany.


- Exhibition of the International Quilt Forum. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

- "International PatchworkFest Kurochka Ryaba". Saint-Petersburg, Russia

- "5 Europaische Quilt-Triennale 2012". Heidelberg, Germany

- Irina Voronina's and Uliana Trishina's Exhibition at the Festival of Patchwork "Lukomorye";
Manor-Museum "Rozhdestveno"; Russia, Leningradsky region, Gatchina, Rozhdestveno village.

- Anniversary exhibition "80 years of Saint-Petersburg Union of Artists";
Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Central Exhibition Hall "Manezh".

- Contest exhibition of women artists "Spring saloon - 2012",
Grand Prix of the contest "Irida"; Russia, Moscow.

- International Festival of Quilts; Finland, Vaasa.


- Exhibition "Spring, 2011"; Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Union of Artists.

- "17 Carrefour European du Patchwork";

Prize from publishing house Kaleidoscope; Saint-Marie-aux-Mines, France.

- Exhibition at First International Quilt Forum; Saint-Petersburg, Russia

- Exhibition of watercolours "Dreams, nuances, impressions"; Community Center Side of Vybor, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


-International Festival of Quilts; Great Britain, Birmingham.

- Exhibition "Autumn, 2010"; Union of Artists, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

- Exhibition of Blue Pomegranate at the Quilt Festival Lukomorye; Gatchina, Russia.


- Exhibition "Tapices Rusos"; Dominican Republic, Altos de Chavone.

- Exhibition dedicated to the 20 years of Hungarian Quilt Association; Budapest, Hungary.

- International Festival of Quilt; Japan, Iokogama.

- Exhibition "Autumn, 2009"; Union of Artists, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

- International Quilt Show 2009; Houston, USA.

- Exhibition "Colour" in a circle of friends", Exhibition hall of National Library, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

- Exhibition of watercolours "Feeling in half-tones"; Community Center Side of Vyborg, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


- First Regional Festival of Quilts "Lukomorye"; Gatchina, Russia.

- Exhibition of the creative studio "Colour"; Gatchina's Museum, Gatchina, Russia.

- Personal exhibition at the International Festival of Quilts; Birmingham, Great Britain.


- Contest's Exhibiion «Russian Quilt Exhibit»; Contest Grand Prix; Ailsa Craig, Canada.

- Russian Festival «Russian Patchwork Pattern - 2007»; Vladimir, Russia.


- Contest Exhibition «Linen and needle»; Sote Ville sur Mer, France.

- Exhibition "Patchwork Mosaic"; Tsereteli Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

- VIII International Exhibition "Art-Perm"; Perm, Russia.

- Exhibition "Game of Reflections"; Dostoyevsky Museum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

- Exhibition "Autumn, 2006"; Union of Artists, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

- Exhibition of creative studio "Colour"; Kuprin's Library, Gatchina, Russia.


- V Russian Festival "Russian Pathwork Mosaic - 2005"; Grand Prix of Contest;
Vladimir, Russia. - Exhibition"Autumn, 2005"; Union of Artists, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

- Exhibition "Spring, 2005"; Union of Artists, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

- Exhibition Reflections; Gallery of glass, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

- Exhibition Garden of my life; Russia, Novourengoysky town museum of Graphic Arts
Novy Urengoy, Russia.


- Third Russian Festival "Patchwork Style"; Russia, Saint-Petersburg.

- Contest Exhibition Journey to the colorful world; Moscow, Russia.


- Second Russian Festival "Patchwork Style";
Second prize for the group of works; Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


- Personal Exhibition; Dostoyevsky Museum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

- Exhibition of Ornamental applicable art; Palace of Beloselskiye-Belozerskiye,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

- Exhibition "Autumn Phantasies"; Volodarsky Culture Center, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


- Exhibition "Art in life of banks"; Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


- Exhibition "Our Home"; LenExpo, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


- Exhibition "Leningrad's Young Art"; Leningrad, USSR.


- Exhibition of graduation works; Repin's Institute, Leningrad, USSR.


- Exhibition of student works; Repin's Institute, Leningrad, USSR.


- Exhibition of student works; Alupka, Crimea.